Wee Genius has helped 100’s of children since it first opened it’s doors in September 2014.

We all know the stories of high classroom numbers, and over worked teachers. We know that children have individual needs and that some children in our local schools are facing huge barriers to their educational attainment. But what is the reality of that?

The reality is that children go to school hungry, they go to school riddled with anxiety and environmental stress that would cripple most adults and they are expected to get on with their work and thrive like their less pressured peers…it is an impossible task!

The result of this unrealistic expectation is the Attainment Gap. A marked difference between the educational attainment of a child raised in an impoverished or stressed environment versus the attainment of a child raised without these factors.

It is with all of this in mind that we have created the Wee Genius Foundation. Our aim is to enhance the educational experience for disenfranchised children of primary school age, that are unable to thrive in a traditional classroom environment.

We aim to provide Scholarships each term, each of which will give a child access to our proven system of teaching and raise their attainment goals through play and learning.

We are always interested to hear from like-minded businesses and individuals. If you can help us bring educational support to the children that need it most then please get in touch!

For further information please contact us on