Special Classes

Baby @Wee Genius

Children learn from the moment they are born. Parents are their first educators. With this in mind we would like to welcome you to our Wee Genius baby programme. You will be astounded at what our babies are capable of learning. Sessions are friendly and relaxed. A place for parents to feel welcomed, valued and supported.

Pre-School @ Wee Genius

Wee Genius is aimed at improving literacy and numeracy for children aged 3 and 4 years old. When embarking on the Wee Genius programme, these children will learn their sounds and numbers before entering school, which puts them at a huge advantage when they start. As we all know, class sizes are so large and teachers are so overworked that the more that is done before children start school the better.

All of our lessons are carried out in a fun and interactive fashion, ensuring that the children are maximising their potential. Wee Genius learners aren’t even aware that they are learning – they think that they are playing!

Primary @ Wee Genius

Our programme very quickly expanded to include Mathematics and English Language Workshops, as the demand from parents became overwhelming. The original pre-school children want to continue on the programme when they start Primary School and there are so many children needing a little extra help and support within Primary School, as well as very smart and able children needing that little extra push which they so desire. Whether your child is very able or struggling, our lessons are aimed to raise attainment in a fun and stimulating way, thus making confident learners.

Mathematics Workshops

Our Mathematics Workshops concentrate on teaching the basic maths skills – some of which can be a difficult concept for children. We cover the following topics:



Number bonds






Problem solving

English Workshops

Our Language Workshops cover the basic concepts, and will ensure that your child is reaching their full potential.

Topics covered include:







Foreign Languages @ Wee Genius

At Wee Genius we offer foreign languages for our children to explore. Like all classes we have a fun and interactive approach. This always works and the children thrive very quickly while learning their new language!

High School @ Wee Genius

This is something we have very recently introduced. As the Wee Genius children completed the programme and started their new venture in High School many wanted to continue with us. We decided to allow this to happen and introduced a High school programme. We have the very best teachers to help our children thrive in High School. The fundamentals of the Wee Genius programme continues. The classes are very fun based and interactive but now it takes more of a serious note as these children have exams to prepare for. At Wee Genius we aim to prepare all our children to thrive at all ages.